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Alpha Chi Omega has many opportunities for leadership. Our executive board has 15 members as well as a junior executive board with 30+ positions and committees. There is a place for every talent and passion that each sister has.





Chapter President

Hello! I’m Jessica Fisher and I am so honored to be serving as Chapter President for this year. I am a third year student pursuing a civil engineering degree. Alpha Chi Omega has given me the space to grow and flourish into a strong and driven individual. This chapter is my biggest support system which ultimately encouraged me to take on this position. I continue to develop different leadership skills that I know will come in handy for the rest of my life. My favorite event is Girls Night Out because it is so much fun to dance and sing with everyone!


VP Standards

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Kamp and I’m this year’s VPCRS. I’m currently a junior studying public health with a minor in ethics and public policy looking to pursue a masters degree in educational leadership. This is my third year in AXO and it is my privilege to hold a position that promotes our five membership pillars of academic interest, character, financial responsibility, leadership ability, and personal development. I truly believe every woman in this chapter strongly exemplifies these pillars not only as a member of our chapter, but as a Cal Poly student and as an individual. I am so proud to call myself an Alpha Chi and surround myself with the most ambitious, bold, and intelligent go-getters.


VP Finance

Hi! My name is Daniella Boggeri and I currently serve as the Vice President of Finance! I’m currently a third year business major concentrating in Finance with a Law and Society minor. I love serving on this board because this chapter has given me so much in my time at Cal Poly and I'm so grateful to be able to give back! It’s also allowed me to further develop my finance skills for an organization I love. My position deals a lot with overall budgeting, making sure we are allocating our funds to all the necessities of chapters function. I love dealing with numbers and you can always find me making some sort of excel sheet:) My favorite axo event was our AXO Prom date party!!


VP Fraternity and Ritual Appreciation

Hi there! I’m Gigi:) I’m a third-year Business Administration major concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Industrial Technology. AXO has really helped me develop myself personally and professionally over the past three years. I remember attending recruitment as a freshman and feeling so whole after leaving AXO; the women and friendships fostered by this chapter are greatly inspiring and special to me. I’m honored to be a part of this chapter and serve on the executive board!


VP New Member Education

Hi! My name is Ella Polischeck and I am a third year Communication Studies major with a minor in Integrated Marketing Communications. I am so ecstatic to be serving on this year’s executive board, especially in this position. Throughout my college experience I have had my fair share of ups and downs in regards to mental health, but through it all, at least one person in Alpha Chi Omega has helped me through it. With this position, I hope to be that resource and person for not only the new members, but also the whole chapter, to help them through their hardships and show them the light at the end of the tunnel. I also want to help connect new members with an amazing family, as my family are my go-to people and I would not be where I am today without them! My favorite memory in AXO would be the Girls Night Out as it allowed everyone to dress up for the fun theme and just let loose!


VP Membership Programming 

Hello! My name is Shae Mackler and I am currently a third year studying Art and Design with a studio concentration. I am from San Juan Capistrano, Orange County. I serve as our chapters VP Membership Programming! this means I plan all of our sisterhoods and supporters weekends. My favorite AXO memory was definitely Mom’s Weekend 2022. It was so amazing being able to plan an event for all the women who have shaped us into the real strong women we are


VP Risk Management

Hey hey! My name is Paige Ackerman and I am currently the Vice President of Risk Management! I am a second year Sociology major with a Child Development minor. AXO has allowed for me to absolutely flourish and grow to become the woman I am proud to be today. This position specifically has given me a platform to openly speak about consent at any Greek life events, and ensure the safety and well-being of all chapter members. I am constantly planning one to two events per week for our chapter and other organizations on campus to connect and have fun! My favorite thing to attend as an AXO is our diversity, equity, and inclusion dialogues held by our one and only VP DEI, Emma Winship!


VP Recrutiment

Hello!! My name is Abby Basford and I am a third year Nutrition Science major with a minor in Biology. I feel so lucky to be leading and teaching this group of real strong women throughout the recruitment process. I am very passionate about continuing the legacy of this amazing chapter, and help not only our members but also potential members to feel so special during the entire process. I felt an immediate sense of community and love when I walked into AXO during my time as PNM, and knew I wanted to be a part of the sisterhood. I have truly found a home in AXO and hope to help others find their home as well.


VP PR and Marketing

Hello friends! My name is Jasmine Farrow, and I hold the position of VP PR and Marketing. I am currently a second year Journalism major, with a concentration in Public Relations and an entrepreneurship minor.I love giving back to our chapter by designing fun and unique merchandise, as well as managing our socials. I am passionate about art and creative expression, and I am thankful that Alpha Chi has provided me with a position to explore my passions! I am so honored and excited to serve on our executive board. I adore our chapter and I am thankful for the growth, memories, and connections it has provided me with! AXO has pushed me to grow into the confident and motivated individual I am today, and I am forever thankful. My favorite memory in AXO is our spring formal!


VP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Hi!! My name is Emma Winship and I’m a journalism major with a minor in Law & Society from San Diego. Serving AXO as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has been an immense honor and pleasure, and has given me incredible opportunity to grow as an individual, leader, and social justice advocate. Alpha Chi has provided me with invaluable connections and friendships that have helped me achieve my highest self and welcomed me with open arms into a sisterhood that makes me feel seen, heard, and valued daily. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such an incredible group of real, strong women. 


VP Panhellenic Delegate

Hi!! My name is Shawdi Amini and I am the Panhellenic Delegate for our chapter! I am currently a third-year Kinesiology major and I grew up in San Diego. I am so happy to be part of AXO because I met my literal best friends, roomies, and soulmates. My fam is the love of my life and I don't know where I would be without them! I am really excited to be on our executive board this quarter since it was a goal of mine ever since I was a freshman. I love that I get to have a voice in our chapter, as well as being able to portray us well to other chapters with being Panhellenic Delegate. My favorite memory is AXO is getting my little! I don’t know what I would do without her.


VP Facility Operartions

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Tiojanco, and I am VP Facilities. I am currently a sophomore and a Computer Engineering major. I also have two minors in Mathematics and Spanish. I love going to the house and helping out with any work relating to the House or the Live-Ins. My favorite memory is probably Red Carn, our Fall Quarter formal. I have also loved getting involved in the philanthropy event and recruitment for this upcoming Member Class.


VP Recruitment Information

Hi all! My name is Lauren Anderson and I am a second-year Nutrition Science major with a minor in Biology, also serving as the Vice President of Recruitment Information! I absolutely LOVE recruitment and am so grateful to be able to work with such an amazing chapter to recruit truly genuine and captivating member classes. AXO has given me so many opportunities of growth and has made me feel so appreciated and seen while in college, so serving in a role where I can help women find their home, gives me such a sense of joy. I am extremely proud of the women I call my sisters, and cannot wait to welcome more into our home.


VP Intellectual Development

Hello! My name is Mia Chaney and I am currently serving as the Vice President of Intellectual Development! I am a third year Communication Studies major minoring in Statistics and Marketing. I am honored to be a part of Alpha Chi Omega and it has given me the wonderful opportunity to flourish as a leader and promote our pillar of Academic Interest. I am passionate about intellectual development and academics and feel strongly about being that resource for our whole chapter to excel in their academic and professional endeavors. I feel very grateful to serve alongside a strong and passionate group of leaders on this board and for a chapter full of amazing women!


VP Philanthropy

Hi! My name is Josie Wall, and I am VP Philanthropy! I’m currently a second year Journalism major with a minor in media, arts, society, and technologies! Our philanthropy is a huge reason why I went AXO, so I am so excited to help grow our chapters involvement with Lumina Alliance and support the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault. I’ve absolutely loved planning our philanthropy events, and my favorite AXO memory has to be Red Carn with all my best friends!
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